Therium Funding Agreement

We invite our clients to contact the investment principles for the relevant jurisdiction by email and they will submit the request as part of a confidentiality agreement. As a general rule, we ask for a summary of the case or the cases of the lawyers who will act, including the details of the requirement, the amount of requirement and the budget for the prosecution, as well as the details of the accused. Therium is active in a large number of jurisdictions around the world. Therium is able to fund in all jurisdictions where funding is authorized by law. Therium has no minimum size for Dener, but typically invests $15 million or more in individual cases with damages that are at least 6x to 10x the amount of the investment. The Therium can, if necessary, provide funds through these levels. Yes, yes. To the extent that these costs are included in the agreed funding budget, historical costs (whether paid by the client or not paid at the time of funding) can be funded. As soon as we receive the first information, we will indicate whether we are interested in the progress of the case and, if so, whether, as a general rule, we agree on commercial terms at an early stage. Then we prepare the case for submitted to our investment committee and develop the funding documents. How long it takes will depend on the complexity of the case and the preparation of the information, but the files can be prepared in a matter of weeks. The matter will then be referred to the Investment Committee, which will generally make the decision to proceed in a single meeting, and confirmation of the funding authorization will be presented on the same day.

Therium is one of the world`s most established process financing companies, founded in 2009 in London and Jersey, and present in London, New York, Jersey, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and Germany, and is a major success in creating superior returns for its investors. In April 2015, Therium secured $300 million to invest in commercial litigation financing, the largest individual investment to date in the sector in terms of process financing. Therium Nordic AS has been active since spring 2016 and has been well received by the legal communities and leading law firms in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Therium Nordic AS has so far funded a number of legitimate rights for Nordic applicants. Therium has a diversified investor base that provides the company with a stable capital platform for its financing activities. This is a cornerstone for financial services and other selected global institutional investors. Yes, Therium may compensate for the risk of adverse costs and deal with any cost safety requirements as part of the process funding agreement. Yes, yes. Therium`s financing has a flexible mandate that allows Therium to have a wide margin of appreciation to invest in the mechanism that best suits the client and the business. We invite approaches to financing the litigation of lawyers and clients, particularly for corporate clients seeking financing for a debt portfolio, or for individual clients as part of a potential group action. However, it may be helpful to have contributions from lawyers who will act on the claim and we would not allow individual remedies for litigation financing or arbitration financing unless lawyers are ordered at this stage. The LFA authorizes Therium to receive the amount invested, plus a contingency tax of 3x of funds committed from a tranche of financing initiated as the first priority payment of any right to the company, is expected to be in the range of 5% to 10% of the expected fee premium.

Process financing by Therium is not recoverable and does not constitute a loan to EAM and is recorded as a turnover and is a potential liability in the event that EAM is entitled to a trial. The LFA provides part of the financing of the legal costs of the various legal proceedings initiated by EAM in Luxembourg, Italy and Switzerland to monitor equity and recover the financial losses suffered by EAM in the cadr

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