Collective Agreement 1 Of 2020

Medical certificate for a child until June 30, 2020: if a child under the age of 10 becomes ill, a parent is entitled to a salary of 1 to 3 days without a medical certificate (usually a medical certificate is required). If so, it is also an attempt to grant the employee an unpaid three-day absence. Job Posting Times Until June 30, 2020, job lists can be announced with one week`s notice (normally 2 or, in some cases, 3 weeks). Until 30.6.2020, redundancies of up to 90 days must be negotiated for at least four (4) days (normally 14 or 6 weeks), unless otherwise agreed in the cooperation negotiations. For other redundancies, the duration of negotiations is at least 5 days (normally 14 days or 6 weeks). Exemptions to the production and publication of shift work lists have been renewed – an element of flexibility is included due to possible regulatory restrictions (tourism, restoration and leisure services) (NEW 1.10.2020): the corona epidemic has had a significant impact on tourism, food and leisure services and, as a result, WFP and the MaRa employers` association have agreed on temporary changes in the development and publication of rolling lists. In exceptional cases, the list may be given to staff one week before the start of positions and positions may be marked for 1 to 2 weeks. The agreed amendments will come into effect on October 1, 2020 for tourism, catering and leisure activities and, if applicable, until March 31, 2021. The agreed exceptions apply to all companies in the sector and are subject to the same obligations as the collective agreement in this sector. The agreement provides for a local agreement that provides that the list of agents and superiors can be published with one week`s notice for one or two weeks if the demand for services and labour is extremely difficult to predict due to coronary influenza. In addition, specific situations were agreed in a collective agreement protocol because of the limitations of COVID 19. If the authorities impose new restrictions and influence an already published work plan, the employer may modify the work plan for compelling reasons, unless other work is available. In this way, the missing schedules are recorded and reported later than possible.

In exceptional circumstances, the agreed amendments will take effect on March 20, 2020. The situation in the service sectors and in society has changed rapidly as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. Pam has agreed with employers` organizations to make temporary changes to collective agreements so that we can overcome this situation. Both employees and businesses suffer from the insecurity caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Both are concerned for health and financial reasons. For the effects of the epidemic to be as short as they are long, the necessary measures must be taken quickly. That is why, on the proposal of the Finnish Government and labour market organisations, Parliament has changed labour law and WFP has negotiated, in collaboration with employers` organisations, temporary changes to collective agreements. Other changes to the service sector, defined by Parliament in labour law, are available here (in Finnish). Elsewhere on the WFP website, you will find information on the rules that apply “normally” and differ from those presented here.

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