Rental Agreement Registration Malta

Tenants who do not comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement, including the absence of monthly rent, cannot be forcibly evicted by the landlord. The court must take the matter to the tenants` regulatory committee. The law requires the SPRL itself to identify which of these specific categories is the landlord`s responsibility and that it be accompanied by a document that proves it. In the absence of any of these requirements, the contract would be considered LPRL. Any lease that claims to be a SPRL, but has a duration of more than six (6) months, is also considered LPRL. The new rent provisions, which aim to bring stability to the sector, include action measures, mandatory registration of all private rental properties, and minimum and maximum rental times for long and short rental sheets. Malta is located in southern Europe and is a small country with beautiful landscapes, a rich history and great tourist potential. Malta attracts not only tourists, but also people who come here for temporary jobs, which is why the rental market has grown strongly in recent years. Malta is also one of the European countries that has specific rules for leases. Termination of a lease registration before the expiry date: in Malta, signing a lease is a simple procedure, usually carried out through a real estate agency. Please be aware that the leases written in English are legally binding and, if part of the contract is breached, the document is recognized by the Maltese court.

Our lawyers in Malta can, if necessary, provide you with additional information about this. Renewal of the contractual tax: 5 € Leases renewed in case of termination must be re-ché and the annual fee of 5 euros. Since the mandatory system for registering a rental contract for a landowner came into effect on January 1, 2020, the Housing Authority has set up a website to make such registrations. Lease renewals concluded after January 1, 2021 must also be registered. The Housing Authority will also send you notifications regarding the email address indicated in the rental agreement if clarification or other information is required to process the registration of the tenancy agreement. The new rental rules make it punishable for an owner to forcibly evict the tenant of a property he occupies as his principal residence. This applies only to private rental contracts, not room rentals. The rent can only be increased if the tenancy agreement is expressly provided and, if so, it can only be increased once a year. For each private rental contract that is created, a separate application is required and an administrative fee is paid by the housing authority.

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