University Naming Rights Agreement

The Naming Gifts Directive helps to ensure that gifts with associated naming rights are managed consistently and in accordance with established university guidelines. It must also provide donors with fair, consistent and appropriate recognition and trust for their generous support, leading to lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the university. This directive applies to all denominational gifts guaranteed by the university, not just those managed by university aid. The naming agreement may also indicate the successors of the donor, such as family members or other representatives, who may exercise the necessary authorization rights if the donor has died or cannot give consent. The designation is generally granted for the duration of use of the company or entity, unless otherwise stated in the gift agreement. Where possible, the designation is granted for a predetermined fixed term. The agreement on the designation of the organization or program must clearly indicate the period for which the entity or program is designated. At the end of the period, the name of the institution or program expires, but may be extended with the same name or a new name. Long-term earthquake is possible, but on a higher philanthropic scale. The space available for designation includes buildings and outdoor spaces, interior spaces, features (for example. B wells), objects (lockers. B) or other university properties (for example, trees. B, benches, technique, equipment).

Name possibilities may be available through new construction, renovations or previously unnamed premises. When the donor designation period has expired, the institution or program may be renamed in recognition of new gifts and the original name is removed, subject to certain conditions stipulated in the original naming agreement. Where possible, the university consults with the donor or the donor`s immediate heirs, if possible, to find an appropriate way to recognize the original gift. Before discussing the possibility of names or the promotion of gifts for such donor opportunities, development officers (or all those who work directly with donors) must obtain the approval of the Vice-President responsible for the promotion of higher education or his delegate. An in-depth analysis of the proposal will be conducted with respect to designation policies and directions. Initial signage and installation costs are the responsibility of the university. In the event of a change in ownership of the company and/or the name of the donor recognition, the signage can be adapted to the new name. The revised signalling and installation costs are borne by the donor, provided that he meets the university`s agreement. If agreed, the unit can absorb the cost of the revised signage.

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