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These tools will help you better understand the official document and compare the online edition with the print edition. NRCS received 11 comments in support of informing and informing organic producers about the new EQIP payments for organic initiatives. Some recommended the development of a similar allocation of funds to PESCA and the consideration of existing environmental management plans. Other comments highlighted additional payments during the transition period (from tradition to organic), useful tools and resources showing how PEQE practices support organic farming, and significant support for small organic projects. Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) refers to the official local source of resource information and interpretation of policies, criteria and requirements for the planning and implementation of conservation practices. It provides detailed information on the quality standards for the conservation of soil, water, air, plants, energy and animal resources applicable to the local area for which it is prepared. (See to access your state FOTG.) NRCS uses a competitive process to achieve the greatest conservation benefits, in line with the PEQ`s legal priorities. NRCS defines national, governmental and local priorities and uses scientifically based ranking tools to evaluate applications and evaluate them on the basis of these priorities to determine which applications will be funded. The NRCS of the National Office set national priorities and States must integrate these national priorities into the ranking instrument used at the State level, together with national and local priorities. These priorities are defined by recommendations from national technical committees, priorities identified in government, regional or national plans and initiatives, as well as reports on threatened wildlife species and names of threatened or threatened species.

NRCS also uses funding pools to direct EQAE funding to resource priorities, for example. B for the development of habitats for wild animals or start Printed Page 69273 for water quality problems related to animal feed farms. Contract: a contract of favorable law that sets out the rights and obligations of each participant who has been included in the program. . . .

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